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- who's there?
- oh, I' not sure myself

Hello, anyone who's around here these days (I hope there are a lot of you!). I was wandering around the internet and, well, remembered this amazing place which I have abandoned for some reason. The thing is, during past year or two I have typed dA internet adress for a few times but never stayed for longer than five inutes or so. And never logged on! So the thing that changed this morning was the fact that I finally clicked on "I forgot my password" and found my way back here. There are unread notes and feedback messages, not to mention thousands of deviations which I'm probably unable to look through in the upcoming days or weeks. But the thing I really wanted to share with you was not how I skipped a few years of dA life or how many messages I have not replyed, it's the feeling that came to me when I came back and looked what I have left here. I mean..I used to take pictures almost everyday, I used to observe all this amazing art that you all create and I really really miss this! 
I'm studying political science right now and.. how much further away that can be from the art? It is pure theory. It has the power to take all the inspiration, chew it and spit it out on some kind of term paper. I've been missing art for a long time now and coming back here made me realize that maybe this can be my oasis from all the studies. So many things have changed - I bet all of you are different now, dA (huh, dA even has journal formatting and i don't have to type all the html symbols myself), even I have changed in so many ways. And this is another topic which I might share with you some day when I don't have many many pages to read for next week's lectures ( :D ). 

I hope you all have a wonderful day! 


P.S. don't mind if there are a couple of m's looks like I've been eating next to my laptop and something got stuck under it :D
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so..the school is cancelled for the rest of the week because of the cold :D -30°C!
I went to school today and sat on the sofa with my coat, gloves and a scarf for at least 5 minutes to warm up a little :D
I'm glad that I'll finally get some sleep! :sun:
First semester  passed so quickly, but the last weeks were kind of.. tough :D I'm glad it's over :sun:

How are you? I need to catch up a little here :aww:
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hey heyyy!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 5, 2011, 7:32 AM

Hello everyone! I really missed dA, sorry that I haven't been here for a while :invisible: Once again I had no inspiration and a lot of school work to do.. and of course some other things :D Anyway, I have some ideas and I think I can develop them! :D I think I will borrow a camera from my friend, since today I had an opportunity to take some pictures with DSLR camera and I got obsessed with photography..again! My passion came back :heart: :love:

I wanted to say a big sorry for youngmoons and the winners of her contest, because I haven't featured them yet :? I will, in fact in this journal, but this is the last day of my subscription so I don't really have a clue whether it will be possible to see winners' works or not :invisible:

Grand prize winner:
ACEO: Polymmatus Icarus by Si3artACEO: Agrotis Segetum by Si3art
more from her gallery:
Kerli by Si3artBrotherhood by Si3artWinter by Si3art

Runner Up:
Insected: Pandora by SieskjaInsected: Siska by Sieskja
more from her gallery:
:thumb261967605:Nils Holgersson by SieskjaRed Hare by Sieskja

and again.. I really missed everyone here :heart:

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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 31, 2011, 10:01 AM

I came back from Estonia on Monday! I will always remember this amazing holiday :aww: I slept until.. I don't know, I woke up really late ( :XD: ) and then went to Record of Ball bouncing event which was hosted in Lithuania, in 6 different cities. There were about 60 000 balls bouncing at that time for 5 minutes in the whole country :aww: I loved it :giggle: After that I spent some time with my friends, there was a concert, so we had a great time there :aww: When I came home i had an opportunity to watch how Vilnius TV Tower became biggest basketball hoop in the world through my window:
TV Tower, Vilnius

TV Tower, Vilnius

TV Tower, Vilnius

I love how many tourists are in Vilnius these days :giggle:

So tomorrow is September 1st. I'm a little scared, but I hope it'll be ok :sun: I also wish a lot of luck for everyone who will go back to school/university tomorrow :aww:

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plans plans plans..!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 21, 2011, 12:05 PM

Only 10 days left until September 1st! Like most of you can guess, I don't want to go to school. But also I don't want summer to end! I really really want it to be a little longer :D
I have so much to do until school year starts :la: And when I'm busy it seems like time is running so fast :wow: Shopping with my friends, 2 photo shoots (depends on weather..), a trip to Tallinn.. and many other plans that I've already made :giggle: Seriously, I don't know how I will manage to do everything :D

I wasn't checking my dA for a few days, and today I've found a lot of messages and new watchers, so thank you everyone, I really appreciate every message, every favorite and every watch, THANK YOU SO MUCH :heart: I spent a lot of time reading and replying to your messages today, so I don't feel that guilty anymore for not checking dA :giggle: :party:

It would be really interesting if you shared your plans for ten days that are left this summer ! :aww:

I hope you are all ok! :huggle:

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Bubbles! + feature

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 8, 2011, 1:42 PM

Today I was in 'Burbuliatorius' (Bubble The City)! :D This is an event in Vilnius (there are the same ones in other cities in Lithuania) where people meet in the old town, usually in Lukiškės square and blow bubbles! :D It's really relaxing (: To watch about a hundred people who are just blowing bubbles - children, teenagers, adults :aww: I took some pictures, but I just don't feel like uploading something today :( I feel really sick, and I know that it's my fault :D After that event we went to a cafe, I ordered a milkshake, some of my friends ordered beer and said that it's really really good and I should try it . Then they gave me fried bread with cheese and garlic sauce and after that I drank my I'm not really feeling well :D Just drinking green tea and hoping that everything will be ok :invisible: I promise to upload something from this day, just not now :D You can check this event's pictures here:… :giggle:

I didn't feature anyone lately, so here's a new feature :giggle:

deathly hallows by iJustEve19.365 by ByLaauraa
We're the cutest ever by ElAinawyaAt their home by AlexandraSophie
:thumb243849398:Warm days by HypnotisedAngel
33 days without you by HypnotisedAngelCuties by Lady-Tori
Forgotten arguments by HypnotisedAngelSweet dreams by BigGirlsDoNotCry
The beautiful Seaside by darkHunTer2009The Sheldonian Theatre by s-kmp
:thumb185862250:The sidewalk by venegra
17.365 by ByLaauraaSummer,i feel you by skafunk (my amazing friend Ieva, who gave me HP7 book :giggle: )

I almost forgot! Tomorrow I'm meeting with my friend and we're going to school..because I've decided what I want to be when I grow up :giggle: I'll take chemistry and biology for my A I hope one day I'll become a doctor :giggle: I need support at that moment when I'll be talking with a deputy director :XD: This decision is really important :? I hope that I will survive next two years in school learning these subjects, that I will get in  a university and that I won't die after 11 more years of hard studying :D

(once again, I'm sorry if there are lots of mistakes, it's so hard to concentrate on something :D )

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Support *youngmoons in a drawing contest!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 6, 2011, 11:16 AM

Please click here -…, scroll down and vote for a drawing 56! :heart: The photograph of that amazing piece of art is just terrible :( You can see the original here:
Luminescence by youngmoons

youngmoons r e a l l y deserves to win!!

thank you very much :giggle:

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Condolence for Norway

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 23, 2011, 2:31 AM

Condolence for Norway :heart:

If you don't know what happened, read here -… :(

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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 22, 2011, 12:39 PM

It's been a while since I last wrote something really good here :D

I'm really happy and excited these days, I don't really know why :D I'm still obsessed with Harry Potter, I even found a person who has my copy of Harry Potter and a Prisoner of Azkaban, so I'm currently reading it, even though I should read some books for school :? :D I was catching up with a friend yesterday, which I haven't seen for a long time! It was so hot outside and suddenly it started to rain, we were running to hide somewhere, but then wind picked up the dust from the felt like little pieces of glass across my skin :o anyway, we finally reached my friend's home - wet and tired from running :D my friend lives on the 10th floor, so we used an elevator..and you wouldn't believe what happened! About 10 minutes after we were in her flat all lights started blinking and every thing in that house who uses electricity just turned off. That was a huge storm! Even traffic lights weren't working! And I live in the capital city :D But it's not the thing I wanted to tell you about :XD: While visiting my friend I noticed that there was a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (in English!) on the bookshelf . Naturally I asked where did she get it :D And she told me that her dad bought it to her but she didn't ever read it . And then she asked THAT IMPORTANT question - "do you want it?" :D :love: it was like a very late gift for my birthday, she even wrote a greeting on the first page of the book :aww: I guess I won't read any books of my school list this summer :D :D :D
This week I was in my sister's prom! It was really amazing, enjoyed every minute of it :aww: it was in a beautiful villa which is on the lake shore :love: It was starnge meeting some teachers there, but it was fine, I've discussed some things with my chemistry teacher, now I'm really considering an idea of taking 'A' level for chemistry this year! Still haven't decided what to study :D This week I was thinking about being a doctor :XD:
Besides everything I had a lot of movie nights with my friends and I'm totally happy with that :aww: Have a lot of plans! Can't wait until my friend is coming back from Turkey :( But there is a good thing, one of my friends is in Lithuania until the 15th of August, so we have to watch a lot of movies until he gets back to Iceland :D :D and another super awesome thing is that this amazing photographer RainOfLove is coming to Vilnius this weekend! Super excited about that :love: Also my sister went to France today and she won't be back for 10 days, and it feels so good to have a room for my own :D I keep forgetting that I will have to deal with all her university stuff while she is gone :D Also my sister suggested me to go for a holiday to Estonia this summer, when she is back. We'd do voluntary work there, but I think it's kind of good and interesting, since I've done this before :D
Busy days I can say! Tonight I'm not planning anything, I'll just make some tea and read Harry Potter :sun:

And just one more thing! A  few days ago was darkHunTer2009's birthday! I'm late (like always).. happy belated birthday, Alex! :D :party:
I wanted to take a picture for this deviant who happened to be a really friendly and supporting person :aww: :huggle:
drops by Kotryyyna

check out his amazing gallery!
Self Portrait by darkHunTer2009Burning Love by darkHunTer2009
Cold Call by darkHunTer2009A river on a Rose by darkHunTer2009
Buried Under by darkHunTer2009A Message by darkHunTer2009Nature is Delicate by darkHunTer2009

there are many many more wonderful works in his gallery :heart:

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Harry Potter!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 15, 2011, 4:10 AM

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II :iconloveyouplz:
I've just came back from the cinema! And I'm so excited! I even called my mom to say how happy I am :D :D

I grew up with the story about Harry Potter, so now it's like saying goodbye to my childhood :( :D

I guess I won't resist reading all Harry Potter books all over again :blush: It's perfect! J.K. Rowling is a genius :heart: I will probably think about this movie, the whole story at least for a week :aww:
When the movie ended and I heard Harry Potter theme music (… ) I just sat there refusing to believe that it is really over! It was good to finally hear my sister saying that movie was just amazing (she didn't really like HP before) :D There were some moments when I really wanted to cry! :D After the movie my friend told me that movie was very touching in some moments. It was so strange to hear it not from a girl :XD:

Everything was so amazing, I can't really believe I'm not dreaming! :D If you weren't planning to watch Harry Potter movie..well it's about time to change your plans :D

Sorry if you didn't understand something, my thoughts are jumping in my head right now :D

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summer plan!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 28, 2011, 6:47 AM

I've promised to share my summer plan with you a while ago :aww: so here it is! :

1. Learn how to retouch photographs
2. Make a lot of photo shoots
3. Go to swimming pool (gym :D )
4. go somewhere by train and take a lot of pictures
5. take pictures with Zenit (old camera)
6. watch a lot of movies
7. rearrange my room
8. learn how to make frappe
9. learn to make a new meal
10. go to 'burbuliatorius'(and take pictures!). (it's an event in Vilnius where people come and just blow soap bubbles :D)
11. go somewhere by bicycle in the sunrise or sunset with Morta :aww:
12. go rollerskating!!
13. read a book in English
14. make a short movie

as you see.. a lot of plans with photographing. I'm changing that :aww:
I'm going to the swimming pool with my friend
I'm reading a book in English
I'm going to rollerskate with Morta this week ! :D
I know how to make frappe!!
I've rearranged my room already :aww: (before summer..this list was made because physics lesson was sssoooo boring!)
Me and my friends are watching movies almost every night :aww:

I guess i need something more.. but I'm ok with what i have now :aww: can't wait until my friend Kamilė comes back from Turkey :heart: i need a new list what to do :giggle: any suggestions? :love:

1. go somewhere by bicycle! ( EDIT: i went to a park by bicycle was Sting concert there so no one let me into the park..and then my bike's tire burst.. :D :D )
2. catch up with friends that i haven't seen in a while
3. watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II in cinema
3. go abroad with my friend :giggle:
4. go to a seaside!
5. save up money..for something :D i'm not sure what for :D maybe for a trip somewhere :aww: though i have a lot of wishes :D :D :D
6. OH MY GOD CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW AWESOME WILL AUGUST BE?! basketball nights with friends :love: :love:
7. find a pen friend (..where?!..)
8. ...I'm out of ideas.. :?

I'm not completely giving up on photography :giggle: it will be just a little break before I know what I'm doing :heart:

I want to thank everyone who replayed to my last journal :heart: it really helped me A LOT :tighthug:

I'll upload a few photographs today because they're edited so i don't see a reason why i shouldn't upload it :D

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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 25, 2011, 2:53 AM

I just felt like writing a journal today !  
I've been busy lately so i didn't upload a lot of pictures :? even though i have a lot of unedited photographs in my computer . Mostly from photo shoot with Aistė, but i don't have a lot of inspiration for editing any of the pictures in my memory card.. which is full D: so, i was going to gym, catching up with my friends, watching movies, i finally started to feel that it's summer holidays :D yyyyyaaayyyyy!

mom bought my sister a new laptop so i've found a really amazing game there - 'plants vs. zombies'. god.. that one is addictive :D i'm surely planning to download it to my computer :D

besides that i'm super hyper and happy all the time there are A LOT of problems right now. and probably those things are making that artist block in my head :| i was talking with my mom a few days ago, trying to make a decision whether i should continue taking photographs or not. there are so many unanswered questions in my head! a huge part of it is about my future. i guess the whole problem is that i don't know what i want to study after school :? if i choose something like international business of tourism i'll just throw away all thoughts about taking pictures, because i just won't have time. i don't have enough time during the school year! and that leads to another question in my head 'why should i continue doing something that i won't be able to do after a few years?' . i hate breaking my own dreams!
so many thoughts :( i should go deal with other problems first, but i can't, there are so many things that can't be changed.. my mom has some kind of disease and doctors can't find it, they are doing a lot of tests for her because they suspect that she has a cancer :( and thats not nearly the end of everything!

i'm going to make a tasty strawberry tea :aww:
i hope you are all ok :tighthug:

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Eurobasket 2011

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 17, 2011, 8:35 AM

I've just heard official Eurobasket 2011 song :D I can't believe that the championship will be in Lithuania this year! It's so hard to wait for it, because Eurobasket 2011 will start on August 31 - that means the last day of summer holidays.
I will scream from the bottom of my lungs for Lithuania's basketball team!! I'm not even capable of describing my feelings when i watch basketball :giggle: That means a lot for me - i bet like for any other Lithuanian :aww:

Maybe someone's planning to go to the championship this year? :aww: i can't wait to meet all the tourists :D :clap:

(by the way, did you know, "that  Guinness World Records recognises Bernotai, 26 km. north of Vilnius, Lithuania, as the "official" geographical midpoint of Europe"? (quote from Wikipedia :D :aww: )

Lithuania :heart: :

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hot hot hot..!:(

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 9, 2011, 4:29 AM

yesterday in the sun:

today in the shade (2 pm):

I'm dying :invisible: 44°C is 111°F   and 32°C is 90°F   :iconflamingplz: keep on mind that in winter we have -27°C (-17°F) :D sooo.. there's a big temperature amplitude :| i don't want to go anywhere and hopefully i won't have to :D i miss summer rain so much!!

a little feature:

Trees by HypnotisedAngelBells by HypnotisedAngelTwilight Hour Three by SkullsCrystal
fragil web by Orwald:thumb210384184:
Flower girl by ScarletteDeathSingin' with dandelions.. by KhomenkoHusband lost at sea by inessa-emilia

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Journal Entry: Wed May 25, 2011, 9:17 AM

Yesterday was my 17th birthday :giggle:  
My sister made breakfast for me!:

strawberries!!!!!! :heart: :D  the day would have been just perfect but i caught a cold somehow and now I'm ill again :invisible:
Thanks everyone for birthday greetings!!! :huggle:  :huggle: :huggle:

Cherry Blossoms Skin by moonfreak
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Journal Entry: Sun May 22, 2011, 12:28 PM

Tomorrow I'm going to take my my last exam this year ! :D  uughh i hate math :invisible:  but after that exam I'll only have to go to school for 8 more days :sun: :aww: i have some tests on Wednesday so I can't imagine how I'm going to study on my birthday :D I really can't!  Can't wait for summer holidays!!!

aaaand the real reason I'm writing this journal is to ask what are your plans for this summer!  I have a full page list of what I'm going to do, so please, share your plans! :D :heart:

Down to Earth by Gerry-And-Me Within by RainOfLoveComptine d'un autre ete- l'apr by skafunk
LAUGH by c-aarlyn24 52 by ByLaauraa. : 75930 : . by shmor
:thumb209837202:Sun love by AnastasiaSiaSunset by b3xy88

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Journal Entry: Sun May 15, 2011, 12:11 PM

I have Lithuanian exam tomorrow, pleeeeeaaase wish me luck  :blush:  :blush:

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Journal Entry: Mon May 9, 2011, 2:04 AM


the weather outside is beautiful - the sun is shining, my thermometer shows 22°C outside , so it's like a perfect spring! except for one thing, that i have to sit at home and do nothing because i'm ill :( i have a fever 3 days in a row and i can barely speak because my sore throat! i wanted to do so much this weekend! and the worst thing is that it would be actually good for me to good to school, because i have Lithuanian exam next Monday and i'm surely not ready for it!
and my mobile phone discharged and for some reason i cannot charge it :O i feel so lucky these days :D
(i also missed 3 tests today :D )

i hope you are all ok! :hug:

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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 26, 2011, 7:44 AM

heyyy :huggle:

the holidays are over, today was the first day at school. i can't believe i didn't fall asleep :D :D :D but it was really hard not to close my eyes, so i feel really proud of myself :D and i'm so happy about the beautiful weather outside!! it's sunny and warm, and everything is   g r e e n    again!!  :sun:  birches are the most beautiful right now :love:

i visited the amazing HypnotisedAngel last week :heart: check out her new pictures from that day :
Two Sides by HypnotisedAngelDreaming by HypnotisedAngel :heart:
i should promise to edit some pictures too, but i'm too lazyyyy! holidays were too short, and the last day was like one second (i was at Kamilytio's 17th birthday party) :D i'm looking forward to summer holidays!!! it's only a month left, but it will be hard, i have exams next month :(

how are you all? how was your holidays, Easter? :sun:

Dusk by malaugustoburning sky by Orwalde y e C r a i n b o w s by Rogue-Of-The-Night
Sun showers. by LouisaRogersThe  wind by ECONEHere, all alone by AlexandraSophie
:thumb195469366:Little camera by RainOfLoveDrops by HypnotisedAngel

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before / after ^^

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 31, 2011, 8:38 AM

I always look though a lot of amazing artists' galleries and i always think how the picture looked before being posted to dA,  so i've uploaded some before/after 's  of my recent pictures :aww: there are some things i do, for example to hide my camera's weaknesses :D so here they are :

[click download for a better quality :/ ]
before and after by Kotryyyna
before and after 2 by Kotryyyna
before and after 3 by Kotryyyna

i had an idea to make a mystic photograph with a crow, but my camera wasn't able to make it really beautiful, so i had to work a lot with PS :blush:

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